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You can easily edit the basic theme for the AMP pages. In the editor, you can change the color, font style, and product layout. You cannot make changes aside from the options provided already. In AMP pages, the product information can only include the product name, price, discounted, price, and the icons for new arrivals, recommended products, and out-of-stock items. The AMP page preview displays the products and posts from the admin page. Add at least one of each to preview the page. The product details page accessed from the AMP page only displays the basic product information. Edit theme You can edit the theme to change the look of the AMP pages. Only the pages selected in [Enable/Disable this service] are AMP compliant. Some settings such as images and text may be applied to the preview after you save the changes. When you click the modules to the right of the AMP page preview such as [Header] and [Sliding menu], the setting options will appear. When you deactivate a module by click the toggle button on the right, the module will not be displayed on your store. Apply mobile store settings: You can apply the product layout of the current mobile theme to your AMP page. Reset: You can reset the page you are currently editing. Select a page tab Select a page tab You can select the page to edit. You cannot edit the pages that were not selected in [Pages to use]. Common layout is the theme used for all your AMP pages. Preview Copy link You can paste the web link into the browser to see the last saved page. Preview You can preview how the theme settings would look on your AMP page. You can check the change made to the images and texts in the preview after you save. Change the settings after the page loading ends. Theme settings Module setting buttons Apply mobile store settings: You can apply the product layout of the current mobile theme to your AMP page. e.g. If you are using New Arrivals and Recommended products as home categories, these categories will also be displayed on your AMP page. Reset: Reset the page being edited. After the reset, the settings cannot be restored. Save: Save all settings for the page being edited Theme settings When you click the module bar, the options for the selected module appear. You can click the bar again to hide the options. You can use the ON/OFF toggle button on the right to activate/deactivate the feature. You can only change the theme with the given options.