Multi Shipment
$(USD) 60 ~

Free Trial 7 days Pricing options

Multi Shipment
$(USD) 60 ~

Free Trial 7 days

Order to multiple delivery destinations at once!

  • 01

    If you send the product to multiple delivery destinations, you can solve the repetitive order with one order!

  • 02

    Simply install the multi-shipment order feature in your online shop!

  • 03

    It can be used for various purposes such as events and exhibitions!


Free Trial 7 days

Fee 1 month
$(USD) 60/ 1 month
Fee 6 months
$(USD) 342/ 6 months
Fee 12 months
$(USD) 600/ 12 months


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The following delivery settings are required. [CAFE24 Admin > My Store > Shipping > Shipping fee > Shipping method(Customer preference)]

Required permissions
  • Apps Permission to read and write
  • Orders Permission to read and write
  • Products Permission to read and write
  • Shipping Permission to read and write
  • Store Permission to read
  • Supplier information Permission to read
  • Customer identifier Permission to read
Multipurpose support language
  • English
  • Developer info

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    Business type
    Corporate business
    Contact information
    부산광역시 해운대구 센텀중앙로 90, 큐비e센텀 514호
    Business registration number
    App/Channel development, Cafe24 Experts (Store Customization)

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      Product Information Notice

      Publisher or supplier
      Terms and conditions of use and usage period
      Depends on product sales conditions. Note on payment information page

      Product Information Notice details

      Product Information Notice details
      Product delivery method 설치자동 요청시 설치 (유료 App은 과금 후 설치 진행)
      Required system specifications and software 카페24 EC쇼핑몰 솔루션에서 구동됩니다. 단, 본 상품은 웹에서 구동되는 상품으로 모바일 환경에서는 구현되지 않을 수 있으며, 이용자의 브라우저 환경, 컴퓨터 사양에 따라 일부 기능이 지원되지 않을 수 있습니다.
      Termination of subscription or contract 전자상거래법 17조에 의하여 청약철회가 불가능한 상품입니다.
      Phone number for customer counseling 051-514-7660
      Supply method and time after orders 설치 요청 당일 제공 (유료 App은 과금 후 당일 제공) / 배송상품 아님
      Detailed reason when it is not possible to withdraw a subscription due to a simple mistake of a consumer, not a product defect 전자상거래법 17조에 의하여 단순변심, 착오구매로 인한 청약철회가 불가능한 상품입니다.
      Product delivery method Automatic installation (Paid apps will begin installing once payment is complete)
      Product exchange/return/warranty conditions and quality assurance standards 단순 변심에 의한 청약철회가 불가능한 상품입니다. 단, 이용상의 중대한 오류가 있는 경우 전자상거래법 및 소비자분쟁해결기준(공정거래위원회 고시)에 따라 처리됩니다. 통신판매중개자인 cafe24는 상품의 교환/반품/품질보증에 따른 판매자의 책임을 부담하지 않습니다.
      Compensation due to payment refund and delay of refund 대금환불 및 지급조건, 절차 등은 전자상거래법에 따라 처리됩니다.
      Handling of consumer damage compensation, handling of complaints about goods, and handling of disputes between consumers and suppliers 소비자분쟁해결기준(공정거래위원회 고시)에 따라 처리됩니다.
      Contents of the terms and conditions regarding transactions and the methods to confirm them 스토어에 제공된 이용약관 참고