Most frequently asked questions

How do I install an app?
Please follow the instructions below to install an app:

1. Click the [Category] menu to find the app you are looking for.
2. Read the app details page and click [Install].
3. Enter your store ID to log in to your store admin page.
4. Click [Apps] on the store admin page to see the apps you’ve installed.
What is a free trial period?
Some apps offer a free trial period to allow users to check their features before purchasing them. They can continue to use the apps by purchasing the apps when the free trial period is over. The length of a free trial period varies depending on the app.
What do I do if there is any problem with the app I've installed?
If there is any problem with the app you’ve installed, you can get help from its developer.
Contact the developer directly for more details.

How to contact the app developer:

1. Go to Cafe24 Store.
2. Go to the app details page of the app you’ve purchased.
3. Click [Contact] next to the developer’s name.
Can I reinstall the app I’ve purchased?
You can reinstall the app once you’ve purchased it and its subscription has not expired.

How to find the app previously purchased/downloaded:
1. Sign in to the store admin page.
2. Click [Apps] at the top right corner.
3. Click the [Deleted/Expired] tab.
4. Click [Extend] for the app of which subscription you wish to extend.
How do I customize an app?
Contact the developer of the app you wish to customize directly. If you want to request the production of a custom app, you can contact an app developer or a design agency.
Are there any refund requirements?
You can get a refund when the app you’ve installed does not work as described on its app details page. It is the app developer who decides whether to refund or not to refund. The app developer does not have to give you a refund if you simply change your mind or there is no specific reason for refund.
Can I cancel a purchase?
Once payment is complete, you will not be able to cancel or refund a purchase. However, if any of the following cases apply, you can cancel the purchase regardless of whether payment is complete or if you have used the theme:

1. If a duplicate payment was made within 1-2 minutes due to a system error. (Only one out of the two purchases can be canceled.)
2. If the theme template does not work properly.

If any of the above apply and you need to cancel your order, please complete the information below and contact Support.
Where can I check my purchase history and purchased themes?
You can check your purchase history in [Apps>Purchase history] on your Cafe24 admin page. For purchased themes, you can find them in [Themes (PC/Mobile)>My themes] on your Cafe24 admin page.
My payment was processed but a payment error message appeared.
If your payment was not processed properly, complete the information below and contact Support.

- Seller/Buyer ID: (If you do not know the seller ID, enter the name)
- Purchase date:
- Purchase number:
- Error code:
- Details of error:
Can I purchase a customized theme?
If you want to purchase a customized theme, please complete the information below and contact Support.

- Cafe24 ID:
- Customized theme: (Select from an existing theme on Cafe24 Store)
- Requests: (Describe in detail what you would like to have customized)
- Industry/Market:
- Budget:
- Name:
- Phone:
- Email:
Why can't I apply a theme to my store?
After purchasing a theme, it may take up to an hour for the theme to appear on your admin page.
If your theme template does not work properly, please complete the information below and contact Support.
How to I apply a purchased theme to my store?
Purchased themes are automatically added to your Cafe24 admin page after payment. For details on how to apply a purchased theme, refer to the following instructions:

■ How to apply themes

1. Log in to your Cafe24 admin page.
2. Go to [Themes (PC/Mobile)>My themes].
3. You can find purchased themes under [My themes].
4. Select the theme you want to apply to your store and click the [Set as main theme] button.